Fullington Trailways converts to Betterez for EXPRESS bus service

Fullington Trailways live with the Betterez Motorcoach product, improving customer experience and driving operational efficiency for Fullington EXPRESS.

TORONTO, CANADA, August 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Toronto, Ontario and State College, Pennsylvania: Betterez Inc., a Reservations & Ticketing Management (RTM) technology provider, announced today Fullington Trailways has gone live with the Betterez Motorcoach technology product suite as part of the company’s customer experience improvement and operational efficiency efforts for the EXPRESS scheduled service.

“Fullington Trailways began operating in 1908, providing transportation to the local train station with a single horse-drawn buggy. They have grown in to a multi-business line transportation company providing tours, charters, scheduled service and more. As a Trailways Affiliate partner, Betterez is pleased to be part of the continuous improvement efforts for Fullington’s EXPRESS scheduled service,” said Tal Shalit, Founder & CEO of Betterez. “The Betterez ‘Vanilla’ motorcoach product offers Fullington a more tailored fit to bus service operations, and will allow Fullington to make customer service and operational improvements resulting in a more modern and mobile responsive booking flow, mobile and online manifests, real time capacity management, bus side scanning, and much more.”

“We’d been hearing of Betterez in the marketplace recently from fellow bus companies, and had at the same time been considering new software for our EXPRESS service. After our team viewed the software it was clear that Betterez could help us operate our EXPRESS line better with features built specific to scheduled service,” said Jonathan Berzas, President & CEO of Fullington Trailways. Jennifer Corman, Fullington Director of Travel & Transportation services added: “Our EXPRESS service has dynamic schedules tailored to the state college ridership and regional transportation to New York, Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia. This complex scheduling is easier for our team to enter and manage in the Betterez system. I was also pleased with the overall Betterez business case, given all the features and support included in the per ticket operational fee.”


We use this software to purchase bus tickets for a top customer to aid them in getting students home on breaks. While it is a way of providing customer what they need, we are not fully utilizing the software the way it is intended to work. Customer is looking at switching to the online ordering feature but many modifications will need to be made to accommodate their needs. Some features still have bugs and need worked out to make it fully productive for us. Overall, satisfied with the product, just anxious to get all features working for our need.

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