Post & Parcel: Parcel Delivery Service Expedibus Using Betterez eFreight Platform


By Ian Taylor – June 26, 2017

Reservations & Ticketing Management (RTM) technology platform Betterez has signed a strategic agreement with Quebec-based parcel delivery service, Expedibus.

The Expedibus network features Orléans Express, Intercar, Autobus Maheux and Transdev Limocar and their 195 points of service in Quebec, in addition to connections across Canada.

Betterez’s eFreight solution will now support Expedibus with its parcel delivery and customer service.

The rollout of the eFreight platform will be done gradually throughout the summer and fall of 2017 with every network transporter.

Betterez said that many partners within the Expedibus network already use the Betterez ticketing platform for reservations, which makes eFreight “the natural choice” for managing its parcel delivery offering.

Patrick Gilloux, Chairman of the Board, Expedibus, commented: “Expedibus was looking for a single software provider for our parcel product across web sales, tracking, scanning and waybill utilization, as well as a provider that understood core bus operations and our sometimes complex routing. Betterez meets these needs.

“A single provider who knows the bus and coach industry is a definite advantage for a project of this magnitude, namely online ticket sales specifically for parcel delivery, and Betterez is exhibiting a true partnering approach in managing this major project.”


We had a previous online reservation system that was costing quite a bit, was confusing to our customers, and was an overall pain to maintain and implement new trips or to revise current trips. Researched alternatives and Betterez won me over with their cost, ease of setup, and their customer support. It took a couple of days to setup our daily airport run, cross-state shuttle, and other seasonal trips.

FELIX RODRIGUEZ  •  Starline Luxury Coaches/Wheatland Express

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