Amadeus Blog: Amadeus Ventures Hits The Road With Betterez

Whether on land, sea or in the air, Amadeus Ventures looks for travel technology start-ups with brilliant ideas and modern technological platforms.

By Rocio Herraiz – March 8, 2017

Now, we’re hitting the road with a strategic investment in Betterez, the Toronto, Canada based Reservation and Ticketing Management (RTM) platform that enables bus operators to distribute their seats and manage their businesses.

Betterez offers an innovative proposition for ground travel operators, including bus and coach inventory that makes them a perfect match for us. Betterez makes cloud-based software that simplifies enterprise workflow interactions between employees, customers, partners, and agents. They also make reusable technical models that can benefit and offer fresh ideas to multiple industries.

Our intention with this investment is to drive innovation in the coach distribution and IT space. Betterez’ agile, modern platform makes them the ideal match to effectively serve this segment and improve the ground travel experience.

We are always eager to work with start-ups that have brilliant ideas across the whole travel spectrum, and coach is no exception. This mode of transport provides an increasingly attractive and relevant travel option in many markets and we’re looking forward to acquiring deeper knowledge in this area through our collaboration with Betterez.

By launching a flexible, single integrated RTM platform, Betterez is leveraging reusable technical components to enable innovation for global enterprises. This solution can help the airline, car rental, bus, rail, ferry, shuttle, event, box office, or admissions space businesses to enhance and grow.

In the next 2 years, Betterez’s organic expansion plan is to focus on North American opportunities and thanks to our investment, they now aspire to grow their footprint in Europe and beyond.

We look forward to working hand in hand with them as we hit the road together on this growth journey.

Find out more about our investments on the Amadeus Ventures website.


We had a previous online reservation system that was costing quite a bit, was confusing to our customers, and was an overall pain to maintain and implement new trips or to revise current trips. Researched alternatives and Betterez won me over with their cost, ease of setup, and their customer support. It took a couple of days to setup our daily airport run, cross-state shuttle, and other seasonal trips.

FELIX RODRIGUEZ  •  Starline Luxury Coaches/Wheatland Express

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