Betterez’s cloud-based software gives zoo operators the opportunity to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, while increasing product offerings and ancillary revenue, all at a faster time to value with lower implementation and operational costs.  The Betterez platform is continuously evolving with new features enabling our customers to grow their business and leave behind stagnant legacy systems.

Our software is built with the mission to provide customers with one platform for all of their sales and sales-related operational needs. Betterez supports reservations and open-ended tickets for different zoo entry models as well as box office, event and ancillary item sales, across the web, ticket counter and call centre. Our Third Party Network Agency capabilities allows multi-channel sales through any partner.  

Many zoos are able to sell tickets online today but the software is often not capable of handling all of the aspirational sales goals, manage operations and provide analytics on the complete business. This is the strength of Betterez. We can handle everything from redeeming tickets via scanning or NFC at zoo entry to VIP passes, fast passes, bundled items such as transportation, hotels, meals, souvenirs, and more.

The arrival of mobile also presents challenges and costly projects to update legacy software. Betterez is fully mobile responsive providing a seamless experience for your customers on any device they decide to use. Our back office is also built for mobile enabling your employees more flexible hardware and work location options.

Our extensive box office, events and tours functionality can also be leveraged by zoos as they extend product offerings. No longer do you need to handle sales and operations of events such as corporate meetings via a separate system or manually. Using Betterez, sales data can be easily available in real-time for business analytics. This is the better way.

Smaller zoo operators can run their business end-to-end on Betterez’s out-of-the-box solution. Larger zoo operators can migrate to Betterez and build custom features on our platform, integrate with strategic systems or extend their legacy systems until a migration can be undertaken.

Contact us today and let us help you see more sales and operational efficiency in your zoo business.

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