Tours are a great example of how Betterez is changing Reservations and Ticketing Management. Tours combine many elements of events as well as passenger travel making them a great fit for Betterez’s reservations and admissions ticketing features for an end-to-end tour solution.  

Tour operators often use software that is a fit for tours but cannot handle passenger transportation requirements or vice versa. Custom software that handles both feature sets makes the operator a “customer of one.”  Using old legacy technology makes it even more difficult for tour operators to make changes and take advantage of new opportunities in sales, mobile, distribution, marketing, integration and package bundling to name a few.

Tours are a unique industry in that they are operated by a number of different types of companies and are often operated through a partnership between multiple channels. For example, tours are run end-to-end by bus companies coordinating and selling everything including the tickets to any attractions or events the tour may include. Alternately, a tour may be hosted by an iconic destination which partners with transportation, hotel and event management companies to run the operations outside of the destination.

Both of these models and a variety of others can be managed by Betterez via our events, reservations, ticketing and 3rd party agency products. One company could sell and manage everything in Betterez with or without partners. Betterez’s open API architecture also integrates with outside systems such as airlines for a seamless customer booking experience.

Our shopping cart and product bundling functionality also enables endless products to be sold such as souvenirs, gift certificates, entrance fees, meals, VIP options, special events, etc.

If you are a tour operator, Betterez can help modernize your systems while managing sales and operations simultaneously across tour, transportation and ancillary requirements. For tours run by or closely partnered with transportation companies, review our information on how we’ve helped a number of industries or contact us to see how we can serve your company.  

Are you a smaller tour operator that cannot staff a call centre? We can help. Contact us today for a software migration analysis, demo and proposal to be your next generation ticketing software.

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