With Betterez’s cloud-based software, train operators have an opportunity to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, while increasing intermodal transportation and ancillary revenue, all at a faster time to value with lower implementation and operational costs.  

Betterez supports reservations with seat selection and open-ended tickets for more commuter models, across the web, ticket counter and call centre. The solution can also expand multi-channel sales with its agency network model and make any travel or retail outlet a business partner selling inventory. Betterez’s modern, restful API’s make connecting to other travel reservations a low cost, low complexity reality. 

On the operational side, capacity management, real-time manifests and redeeming tickets via scanning train side are benefits of the Betterez platform.

The Betterez shopping cart can support selling of ancillary items in the booking process such as a meal. In addition, Betterez has an integrated “eFreight” solution within our reservations product allowing a train operator to sell the transport of packages or other freight goods. Parcel and passenger can be seen on the same manifest allowing train personnel to easily know where staff need to load or offload.

Smaller train operators can run their business end-to-end on Betterez’s out-of-the-box solution. Larger train operators can migrate to Betterez and build custom features on the platform, or extend legacy systems until a migration can be undertaken.

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