Fairs don’t come around often enough for the attendees but they sometimes feel too often for many of the dedicated people who are tasked with creating these one-of-a-kind experiences. 

Gone are the days of only accepting cash for a single ticket for the whole fair at the gate. In addition to the gate purchase, customers now want to be able to buy their tickets online, on the phone, on their mobile device, at their local grocery store or through a reseller along with the option of using a variety of payment options. Fairs also need to be able to sell more than one ticket for the whole fair. The opportunities are endless for pricing optimization with meals, events, and other ancillary items. This can be technically challenging for operators especially considering marketing, promotions and reporting also need to be integrated with access to real-time accurate comprehensive data.

Betterez’s cloud-based Reservation and Ticketing Management platform is uniquely positioned to cover sales and operational needs for fair operators. Our software platform offers multi-channel sales capabilities to cover online, mobile, gate, phone, marketplace, resellers and brokers. Betterez’s shopping cart functionality also enables sales of ancillary items as well as product bundling across all product options.

With concerts and special events becoming much larger features of many fairs, Betterez’s Box Office Events product is perfectly positioned to offer fair operators one software package for sales and admissions to both the fair and events. Venue inventory capacity management, seating and day-of operations including mobile ticket scanning are included as well.

Our third party network tools enable your partners and resellers to be able to sell everything you offer with near zero implementation effort or cost. Through a simple portal or website link, any partner such as the local grocery store or an online reseller halfway around the world can be given access to sell. With Betterez, fair operators can control the access, inventory and data of all sales and extend sales easily to more channels.

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