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Events and box office companies are challenged with forecasting and capturing demand in an effective and efficient way. Today’s customers have a wide array of choices. Operators need data analytics to better understand their customers and a solution that can help them achieve that.

Betterez offers events and box office companies the ability to own their data and control more of the sales that happen beyond the company walls through our third party network tools. No longer do you have to cobble together data from multiple sources or sell a block of tickets to a reseller and hope for the best.  You can easily integrate with marketplaces, sell your own tickets in a multitude of different channels supported by Betterez and give partners real-time access to inventory with prearranged or dynamic pricing. All the data remains in your hands for improved sales analytics with every concert, sporting event, arts exhibition, theatre performance, corporate event, and more.

On the operations side, combined with price from demand there are two key variables to manage: space and time. Space is defined by venues and the optimization of the capacity available.  Betterez offers flexible easy-to-use seat maps, advanced pricing, capacity planning tools, intelligent manifests, user-friendly dashboards and capacity notifications so operators never have to let a seat go unsold due to lack of actionable data.  

Time is defined by the availability of your venues.  Often this time is greatly limited by the complexity surrounding hosting an event. Betterez can’t help you get Beyonce’s trucks in and out of your venue faster but we can help with the setup, maintenance and operations regarding the sales of tickets.  Our cloud-based software was built to utilize the latest in mobile responsive, efficient, user design plus we offer 24×7 reliability for you and all your partners from any location in the world.  We enable you to set up new performances, reconfigure the venue, change pricing and enable partner sellers faster than ever before.

With better access to data, our customers can also understand and analyze the lifetime value of their patrons with our insightful customer metrics and analytics. Leverage your reservations and ticketing data to better forecast demand, optimize pricing, create effective marketing campaigns and launch promotions.

Smaller box offices can run their business end-to-end on Betterez’s out-of-the-box solution. Larger box offices can migrate to Betterez and build custom features on our platform, integrate with strategic systems or extend legacy systems until a migration can be undertaken.

Contact Betterez today and let us help you experience more sales and operational efficiency in your events and box office business.

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