Commuter operators have an opportunity to improve customer experience and operations for this high volume transportation industry.

Through the use of new ticketing technology, commuter operators are growing ridership and revenue.

In addition to straightforward reservations, Betterez supports open-ended tickets where customer data can be captured and multi-channel sales can be optimized. Betterez also works with operators using an “indicated” reservation model for planning purposes where the ticket will be honoured on any trip for the valid purchased period.

Multi-ticket booklets and monthly passes can be purchased through any channel at any time. Our customer account module can be utilized to increase and reward commuter loyalty. Betterez offers NFC solutions which allow operators to quickly board riders. With all of these frequent rider tools, operators can better track, plan for, and report on ridership. 

Commuter operators can grow ridership and revenue through the use of the latest bus ticketing technologies offered by Betterez. Contact us today and let us help you drive sales and operational efficiency in your commuter business.


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