Betterez helps bus operators who want to automate and improve their casino line runs or tours. Many casino operators want to eliminate cash, better manage capacity and integrate driver manifests with casino player cards.

To eliminate cash, bus operators have the ability to use Betterez’s online sales and call centre tools. These tools can help make any operator such as a gas station, hotel concierge or casino office a seller of tickets. Operators can still, however, sell cash tickets if they choose.

Each ticket sale whether by the operator or an agent can be shown on the capacity dashboard. Operators can then increase capacity, send a smaller bus, or utilize Betterez’s pricing management tools – such as its promotion code feature – to drive demand.

Player card numbers can be captured in the booking flow, noted on the driver manifest and sent ahead of time to the casino for coordination. In addition, customer accounts can be utilized to track and analyze recency, frequency and monetary value of casino riders, and reward passengers for frequent travel. Loyalty and rewards can be integrated to and from the casino enabling discounts on travel or rewards inside the casino based on Betterez passenger data. The possibilities are endless.

Betterez offers many opportunities for operators to better plan and manage their casino business. These are just a few examples.  Contact Betterez today and let us help you drive sales and operational efficiency in your casino business.


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