Bus and Coach

For the Bus and Coach industry, the time to modernize technology, compete and grow is now.

Scheduled bus services – including intercity line runs, airport shuttles, college and corporate transportation, scheduled bus tours and other similar bus segments – are realizing now that a huge opportunity exists to capture more passenger “share of wallet.”  Many factors contribute to this opportunity such as intermodal transportation, advancements in technology, an improved economy, traffic congestion and continued improvements in safety.

At the same time, many bus and coach operators have not invested in the software to support their ability to sell more, operate more efficiently and analyze and manage their business in real-time. Furthermore, many operators have invested in Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) systems or software built on old technologies and are now finding it difficult and costly to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist.

At Betterez, we are committed to making the bus and coach industry better. We are on a mission to help operators of all sizes take advantage of the many growth and efficiency opportunities that exist using modern travel software. Betterez’s reservations and ticketing software solution is a true multi-tenant cloud platform featuring a large set of out-of-the-box features combined with modern application programming interfaces (APIs) for connecting to partners. Our platform, combined with our business analytics product, offers a powerful toolset for operators of all shapes and sizes. At Betterez, we provide a strong business case tailored to each operator and we strive to make onboarding to Betterez seamless. Upgrading to Betterez is the better way.

We invite you to read on to see how we’re helping a variety of bus and coach segments. Feel free to contact us today for a demo!

Features for Bus and Coach


Airport Shuttles

Betterez helps scheduled airport shuttle operators better compete in today’s on-demand marketplace, one that’s being impacted by newer airport transport players such as Uber and Lyft. Today’s sharing economy also presents revenue opportunities with such competitors that the bus and shuttle industry cannot afford to miss.

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Commuter operators have an opportunity to improve customer experience and operations for this high volume transportation industry.

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Betterez helps bus operators who want to automate and improve their casino line runs or tours.  Many casino operators want to eliminate cash, better manage capacity and integrate driver manifests with casino player cards.

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Contract opportunities are a great source of new products and growth for bus operators. The Betterez platform offers the ability to perform key requirements in this developing bus segment.

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Inter City

Bus travel has the opportunity to compete now more than ever with other modes of transportation. Opportunities also exist in bus transportation to further automate intermodal transportation connections and increase revenue in today’s sharing economy.

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