Attraction operators are benefiting from Betterez’s Reservations and Ticketing Management platform. Attractions combine many elements of our software offering through the need to sell multiple product types in a seamless customer experience and the need to manage operations through an end-to-end solution.  

This need for multiple product types often has an attraction operator using software that is a fit for admission tickets but not for show reservations or sales of ancillary item.  This leaves many operators using multiple disparate systems that don’t “talk” to each other making operations and reporting difficult. Software that can handle both feature sets is often custom, making the operator a “customer of one.” Custom software using legacy technology makes it especially difficult for attractions operators to make changes and take advantage of new opportunities in sales, mobile, distribution, marketing, integration and package bundling to name a few.

For example, attractions want to sell admissions tickets, some of which are open-ended and some with reservations for date and time. They also want to sell ancillary items such as parking, meals and VIP services. Operators also want to be able to offer additional products such as show reservations and specific attraction bookings. The Betterez platform offers all of these  products combined in one software solution with integrated operations, back office and reporting. Betterez is in a unique position to serve attractions operators for all of their sales needs.

Third party partners and resellers can also sell using our Third Party Network Agency Module. Our platform was built from the ground up with the latest cloud based technologies so we can enable operators to easily offer anyone the ability to sell reservations and tickets with near zero cost, such as a transportation partner, grocery store, or other attraction.

If you are an attractions operator, Betterez can help modernize your systems while managing sales and operations simultaneously across your product offerings.

Are you a smaller attraction operator that cannot staff a call centre? We can help there, too. Contact us today for a software migration analysis, demo and proposal to be your next generation reservation and ticketing software solution.

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