Airport Shuttles

Betterez helps scheduled airport shuttle operators better compete in today’s on-demand marketplace, one that’s being impacted by newer airport transport players such as Uber and Lyft. Today’s sharing economy also presents revenue opportunities with partners and competitors that the bus and shuttle industry cannot afford to miss.

Airport shuttles need to be easy-to-use for passengers and operators must be nimble in operations and back office management in order to be successful.

Betterez’s online booking tool helps customers book on the the go while our mobile responsive, easy-to-navigate web sales flow better retains web users.  

Betterez enables operators to easily increase or decrease capacity in operational dashboards and send smaller or larger assets based on capacity notifications. New schedules can be added or edited to include the associated fares allowing the opportunity to compete on pricing during peak or slow times. Airline information can be captured in the booking flow, and charges for ancillary items can be added for items such as additional baggage, sports equipment, packages/parcel, or home pick up/drop off.

There is an opportunity for growth in today’s airport shuttle industry for operators who are customer focused, nimble and ready to keep up with today’s on-demand economy.  Contact Betterez today to see how we can help.

Features for Airport Shuttles

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