There are a multitude of industry segments with a ticket or reservation at their core. These range from tours to events, attractions, concerts, zoos, fairs, pools, stadiums and more. Betterez’s multi-use ticketing software solutions support sales, operations and back office for these types of ticketing operators. The requirements of selling a ticket, taking a reservation, reducing inventory, collecting funds, managing the customer experience, and reporting are all common components of ticketing operators. Betterez offers these core components today and more ticketing-related features continue to be added in weekly releases. This gives operators the ability to constantly grow and better manage their business on a single software system.

Betterez is designed to be easy-to-use giving operators the ability to manage a multitude of events or inventory in the palm of a hand, from any device.

Ticketing is an industry that can be difficult to navigate. By taking the multi-use approach, Betterez is ensuring that customers have a platform that is always updating, thriving and can support businesses into the future.

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