Events, Box office, Attractions, and Conferences.
Support and promote your comprehensive ticketing needs with a fast, mobile and secure platform.

Graphical User Interface

Simplify your venue creation and setup processes with our advanced web based seat map engine.



Smartphone Bar Scanning

Get away from expensive and proprietary hardware. Leverage a continuously improving smartphone ecosystem. Advance your changing needs in a cool, fun, efficient, and secure way.


Secure, Reliable, and Scalable

Betterez leverages world leading facilities to provide secure and scalable infrastructure. All of your data is stored in a multi-datacenter replicated database for redundancy.



Multi Device Framework

Easily access and manage all company and event information from any internet connected device, in real time.


Advanced Administration

Run your business efficiently while leveraging a technology platform that grows with you



Mobile & Paperless Management

Pursue paperless operations at a pace that works for your organization. Leverage advanced barcode scanning workflows that adjust to your business processes.


Better Sales

Sell effortlessly through your website, your agents’ websites, and Facebook around the clock. Explore new Revenue channels without the need for external integration with our reservation system.

More Channels = Greater Visibility

Sell through partners and agents, whether on their websites or by giving them back office access



Graphical User Interface

Leverage reservations to predict your capacity and provide clear availability. Choose ticketing for simplified operations and patron convenience.

Secure Payment Options

Use or PayPal for online credit and debit card processing with all sales channels.
Allow employees and agents to support cash and vouchers in the back office web application.


Become a Customer Focused Company

Develop a one-to-one relationship with your customers.
Improve customer relations with web portals at customer touch points.
Share key metrics with your sales and customer service teams.

Better Operations

Maintain your schedules and fares with ease using our revolutionary route & fare manager. Enjoy intelligent manifests, avoid overbooking and reduce costs with our capacity planning tools.

Easy Check In

Turn any smartphone or tablet into a scanning and redemptions tool.
Make boarding faster, reduce fraud, and automatically collect valuable data for business insights.


User Security Controls

Create roles that define access to specific Betterez features.
Create users and assign them to roles; control page and action access.
Rely on our audit trail feature which keeps track of user actions.

Advanced Venue Management

Configure unlimited web based graphical seat maps.
Manage multiple schedules, venues, seat maps, and events.
Advanced multi-level price level configuration capabilities.


Product Setup Checklists

Use simple to follow checklists to configure events.
Assign seat maps to events, embed maps, videos, and images.
Create coupon codes, and embed the event anywhere.

Color Code Custom Labels

Tag individual tickets with color coded labels.
Report and filter by label, and include notes directly on event contact list.
Segment customer base to improve day of operations.


Better Marketing

Understand and analyze the life time value of your patrons with our insightful Cloud metrics. Leverage your reservations data for effective marketing campaigns, surveys, and promotions.


Deep Customer Analytics

Track the business value of your patrons through our Patron Clout feature.
See several industry standard metrics including Lifetime Value (LTV).


Easy Data Filter, Exports, & Integration

Isolate and export patron information of interest, like those with high Life Time Value (LTV).
Create painless email campaigns with services like MailChimp or Constant Contact.
Conduct satisfaction surveys to engage patron through services like SurveyMonkey.

Better Patron Loyalty

Create targeted special offers and discounts with advanced promo codes.
Provide patrons with desired gift cards and vouchers.
Retain loyal customers with personalized communication.


Easily Manage Promotional Programs

Built in web sales and back office gift certificate functionality.
Real time voucher for customer experience and retention purposes.
Leverage coupon capabilities for sales & marketing campaigns.

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