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The bus and coach industry has been plagued by decades of complacency. The time to modernize technology, compete and grow is now. Scheduled bus services – including intercity line runs, airport shuttles, college and corporate transportation, scheduled bus tours and other similar bus segments – are realizing now that a huge opportunity exists to capture more passenger “share of wallet.” Betterez is the bus industry’s better reservations and ticketing software solution.

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Trains have many of the same passenger requirements as other intercity and transit operations including customer management, capacity management, manifests, and scanning and redeeming tickets train side, making them a growing industry that can benefit from Betterez’s flexible Reservations and Ticketing Management platform.

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Betterez is designed to be easy-to-use giving operators the ability to manage a multitude of events or inventory in the palm of a hand, from any device.

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Betterez has promised and delivered. YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) has tried several other online reservations systems for its complex schedules and fares. No other company has been able to deliver the services needed. Betterez was a smart choice for YARTS and has helped us in our effort to go green and make the visitor experience to Yosemite that much more magical. With hassle free reservations and an amazing support staff, YARTS is proud to recommend and partner with Betterez Inc.


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