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Betterez’s shopping cart feature gives operators ultimate sales flexibility. With an integrated and open shopping cart, multiple products including core reservations and tickets, as well as ancillary products, such as baggage fees, entertainment, and upgrades, can be sold in the same sales flow.

Product bundling is available utilizing our platform-wide shopping cart functionality allowing customers to sell extra products and services internally or externally through strategic partnerships. This functionality gives users the ability to sell a wide variety of products and the flexibility to add and remove products as needed.

Partner or third party products sold via our shopping cart can be packaged in a seamless booking experience. For example, a company offers customers airfare, shuttles and tour packages in one transaction in addition to buying a beach blanket and some sunglasses for their trip via Amazon. In fact, operators can sell the blanket and sunglasses within Betterez if they choose.

The shopping cart feature is just one of the many comprehensive tools available in Betterez to better sell, manage, and promote your business.


I absolutely love the new style of Betterez, it is easier to read and maneuver. The 5 day Operations page is so easy to read. We appreciate the improvements recently made to the Betterez program and find it much more user friendly. We find that any problems or questions to support are being responded to in a timely manner

JENNIFER MALATCHES  •  Grey Bruce Airbus

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