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At Betterez, we strive to integrate the latest technology to offer our customers the most flexibility so that they can fulfil their mission-critical needs. In keeping with this objective, Betterez offers a bar code and near field communication (NFC) mobile scanning app to further facilitate our users’ ticketing and reservations needs. Simply download our app onto a smartphone or tablet and you can do anything from ridership tracking to ticket redemptions to back-office inventory reconciliations from anywhere you have an internet connection.

In addition to our best-in-class mobile ticket scanning and redemption tool, Betterez offers multiple additional features that utilize the scanning functionality in order to exceed our operator’s needs. For example, employees taking a company shuttle or students riding a daily university bus, can use their employee or student ID badge to quickly scan and board the bus. We are able to securely store the database of ID codes so that when a student or employee scans his/her barcode, it will register in the manifest and reflect accordingly in trip capacity. Everything is securely stored in our cloud-based software, so that operators can analyze real-time data for reporting, billing and accounting purposes.

Another scenario that utilizes the scanning app is in the case of corporate contract buses and trains that transport passengers to and from various companies. In such cases, ticket collectors can be provided with a customized QR code that they can scan when collecting printed tickets or cash for various companies. This makes the sorting and organization process much more efficient on the back-end, and also facilitates weekly/monthly accounting and billing procedures. Alternatively, drivers can also validate tickets trip-side, as passengers board, by pre-selecting validation criteria such as date, origin and destination, and fare type.

Near field communication (NFC) is the future of customer interaction and our Betterez scanning solution offers it within our standard solution. NFC can be used in combination with or to replace traditional forms of scanning ticket redemption and tracking. Our app has been tested with various industry standard tag types and has the ability to integrate with different kinds of encoding. Operators can encode operational or customer cards with NFC tags for faster, more secure boarding, and easily track ridership metrics and additional business intelligence through the online platform.  As an example, monthly passes with NFC tags can be swiped quickly and easily while boarding a bus thus eliminating the need for tickets and any interaction with an agent or driver.


Betterez has promised and delivered. YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) has tried several other online reservations systems for its complex schedules and fares. No other company has been able to deliver the services needed. Betterez was a smart choice for YARTS and has helped us in our effort to go green and make the visitor experience to Yosemite that much more magical. With hassle free reservations and an amazing support staff, YARTS is proud to recommend and partner with Betterez Inc.


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