Revenue Management Suite

The Betterez Revenue Management Suite is a comprehensive tool that provides operators with the ability to offer customers the right trip at the right price at the right time. It gives operators an opportunity to increase yields, sales, margins and custom offerings – and the ability to offer dynamic fare type inventory-based pricing as well as fare class optimization based on inventory and time allocations. With the ability to set custom pricing between any origin and destination and offer journey-based pricing including connections and transfers, operators can now better plan journeys and operations with the Betterez Revenue Management Suite.


  • Set advance purchase rules by Product, Fare Class, Fare Type and time to trip
  • Manage all permutations of sales period, fare type, fare class, travel date range, by sales channel
  • Design price differentiation schemes by sales period or travel time
  • Take advantage of enhanced custom promo code functionalities
  • Create price buckets based on when a capacity threshold is reached
  • Utilize load-factor based yield management, per individual journey price permutation
  • Align Loyalty program point accumulation and redemption logic with your revenue management goals, by journey


  • Forecast and manage revenue with maximum flexibility at the journey level
  • Incentivize round-trip sales of selected origins and destinations to maximize ridership
  • Analyze advanced purchase sales to create predictable load factors and better vehicle and crew planning
  • Enjoy the flexibility to create back-office-only fare types for VIPs and preferred agencies to reward loyal customers and third-party business partners
  • Compete with ridesharing programs by offering time-of-day and day-of-week pricing; ensure margins are set for peak seasons


I absolutely love the new style of Betterez, it is easier to read and maneuver. The 5 day Operations page is so easy to read. We appreciate the improvements recently made to the Betterez program and find it much more user friendly. We find that any problems or questions to support are being responded to in a timely manner

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