Customer Loyalty

Understand and analyze the lifetime value of your patrons with our insightful cloud metrics. Manage your loyalty membership rewards program. Leverage your loyalty data for effective marketing campaigns, surveys and promotions.

Customer Analytics

  • Track the business value of your patrons through our patron clout feature.
  • See several industry standard metrics including Lifetime Value (LTV),  customer purchase recency and frequency.
  • Isolate and export patron information of interest, like those with high LTV.

Patron Loyalty

  • Attract and retain loyal customers with our membership rewards program solution.
  • Partner and bundle with outside rewards programs through our integration.
  • Create targeted special offers and discounts with advanced promo codes.
  • Provide patrons with desired gift cards and vouchers.

Promotional Programs

  • Built-in web sales and back office gift certificate functionality.
  • Real time voucher for customer experience and retention purposes.
  • Leverage coupon capabilities for sales & marketing campaigns.
  • Create painless email campaigns and surveys through easy data filtering, exports and integration with services like Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact or SurveyMonkey.

With Betterez’s focus on real-time customer data and through our customer loyalty tools, you can leverage your reservations and become a customer-focused company. Our customers are able to develop a personalized relationship with their customers by making the data available to operations at the time that matters most. For example, you can share key metrics with your sales teams on a daily basis or provide data for your customer service teams while they interact with your customers. Betterez allows you to improve customer loyalty during every step of the way.


Betterez has promised and delivered. YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) has tried several other online reservations systems for its complex schedules and fares. No other company has been able to deliver the services needed. Betterez was a smart choice for YARTS and has helped us in our effort to go green and make the visitor experience to Yosemite that much more magical. With hassle free reservations and an amazing support staff, YARTS is proud to recommend and partner with Betterez Inc.


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