Capacity Management

Capacity Management is a critical component of the Betterez Platform and is integrated throughout all sales and operations functions.

Betterez offers a number of different ways to maximize capacity efficiency and ensure customer demand is never missed. Capacity can be changed by day and scheduled in quick glance operations screens in real-time during the sales process and also be managed with the master routes and schedules. Enjoy intelligent manifests, avoid overbooking and reduce costs with our capacity planning tools.

The Betterez platform has an interactive dashboard that allows operators to monitor ride capacities in real-time. This information can be leveraged with user interaction efficiency in order to maximize capacity, inventory and demand. This provides the flexibility to increase inventory to meet peak demands, to discount specific offerings in order to fill seats, as well as monitor booking patterns of regular travellers. Capacity is also part of our system-wide notifications enabling alerts via multiple channels.



I absolutely love the new style of Betterez, it is easier to read and maneuver. The 5 day Operations page is so easy to read. We appreciate the improvements recently made to the Betterez program and find it much more user friendly. We find that any problems or questions to support are being responded to in a timely manner

JENNIFER MALATCHES  •  Grey Bruce Airbus

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