The true power of Betterez lies in the deep customer and operations analytics.  No more disparate data spread across multiple systems, locations and paper.  All data captured in Betterez is available in real-time throughout the system and in our Business Intelligence product. 

Business intelligence and analytics enable customer-focused companies to develop better more meaningful relationships with their customers. Betterez offers the ability to track the business value of your customers through our Patron Clout feature and standard metrics such as customer revenue, churn and lifetime value (LTV).  In addition to our analytics, our platform enables easy access to data in virtually every screen with the ability to filter, export and link data. Share key metrics with your sales and customer service teams in a variety of formats. Create external marketing campaigns and promotions with exported data. Provide partners and resellers with the appropriate level of access to reporting.  At the end of the process, your Finance team can enjoy easy reconciliation with accurate real-time data.

Outside data can also be integrated with Betterez Intelligence for 360 degree comprehensive views via our open API platform. This gives our customers the benefits of business intelligence with the flexibility of operating separate systems in the short term for faster implementations or in the long term for strategic advantages.


I absolutely love the new style of Betterez, it is easier to read and maneuver. The 5 day Operations page is so easy to read. We appreciate the improvements recently made to the Betterez program and find it much more user friendly. We find that any problems or questions to support are being responded to in a timely manner

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