tourist train shuttles

Corporate Employee

tourist train shuttles

Employers and their Transportation partners want to tailor the Employee transport service to their specific use case. This is a main reason the flexibility of our platform and ease-of-extension via APIs and Webhooks is a powerful tool for this segment. Whether it is a monthly pass, use of an NFC enabled Employee ID card or pre-booked reservations down to the seat map level, Betterez has you covered.

Betterez Platform Components:

  • Mobile responsive web-based booking
  • Employee transportation accounts
  • Capacity management
  • “Safety” manifest
  • Driver Application & Scanner
  • “Flex” passes and Near Field Communications (NFC)

Key Benefits:

  • Tailor your Employee’s users experience
  • Give Employees confidence by managing “social distancing”
  • Assign assets based on booked capacity
  • Always know which Employees are riding your bus
  • Track Employee usage to their benefits
  • Easily change schedules, stops, and other operational parameters