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Check out some of our platform highlights:

Products Framework

Choose from a multitude of customizable product lines offering hundreds of configuration permutations to sell your services and support your riders.

  • Transit passes (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, annual, more)
  • One way, return, and open return e-tickets
  • 5, 10, 20, and 30+ use bundles
  • NFC, loyalty, private corporate products, and much more

Dynamic Pricing

Provide passengers the right trip, at the right time, at the right price.

  • Fare classes for flexible vs firm tickets
  • Can support hundreds of millions of pricing permutations
  • Ability to increase yields, sales, margins and customize offerings

Schedules and Routes

Create hundreds of stops and schedules with the autonomy to scale your network at ease.

  • Set pricing across your network, tailored to fare types
  • Add stop notifications in your booking flow for improved passenger experience
  • Easy to use UI for creation and maintenance

Seatmap Flows

Integrate seatmaps to your booking flow; select seats in an interactive map.

  • Customize the seatmap layout and background image
  • Identify reserved seats, blocked seats and wheelchair accessible seating
  • Quickly re-accommodate passengers in irregular operations with Betterez Move

Point of Sale

  • Combine payment acceptance and customer interaction services to drive sales.
  • Contactless payments optimized for multi lane check outs with large number of payment options.
  • Standard and touch display options for swipe, tap, chip, chip and pin options.
  • Faster transaction flow and seamless payment experience.

Contactless Payments

Take payments with less contact and more flexibility

  • Contactless debit and credit cards, Apple and Google Pay
  • Go cordless and take payments anywhere
  • Intuitively designed, easy to use
  • Fully integrated with Driver application and Trip Summaries
  • Integrated receipt printer

Extendable Driver App

Contactless redemptions for your passengers and driver. Betterez scanning app unlocks a fast and secure redemption for your boarding process.

  • Security controls to ensure the correct ticket for the boarding trip
  • Fast NFC tap or QR code scan for seamless passenger boarding experience


Use Betterez digital manifests to track bookings and redemptions in real-time.

  • Stop by stop passenger boarding / disembarking
  • See passenger info, ticket number and special requests
  • Driver friendly UI
  • Send email notifications to passenger in on changes to scheduled service

5 Day Outlook

Fast and effective view of scheduled trips; proactive management of capacity and manifests.

  • Quickly filter and monitor specific departing trips
  • Helpful visualizations to track trip capacity and manifest details
  • Capture revenue opportunities with on the fly capacity updates

Dashboard and Reporting

Make informed management decisions driven by comprehensive data on your ridership.

  • Export and customize views on your data
  • Standardized reconciliation process
  • Out of box reports and filters to read your data and manage reconciliations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Betterez platform powers multiple promotions at any given time to help you attract and retain customers.

  • Promote specific Trips, times of day, day of week, time of year, fare classes, fare types, products, and much more with a powerful promotional campaign engine
  • Loyalty module to reward frequent travelers
  • Leverage Betterez CRM Lite to track and view recency, frequency, and monetary information for your top value customers, all while adhering to privacy policies and procedures


Leverage our advanced network logic to connect your bus routes, multiple brands or operating companies. Optimize routing with customizable wait times, fastest routes, fewest connections and more in an easy to use interface.

  • Connect services in one seamless environment
  • Simplified interface
  • Optimized Routing


Multilingual booking supported.

  • Designed with global users in mind.
  • Control the localization process and go to market faster.
  • Support English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and more.

Multi Currency

Provide passengers the option to pay in the currencies you support.

  • Manage your buy and sell exchange rate in Betterez
  • Customer selection of currency

Payment Methods

More ways for your customers to pay for services, whether they are one-time passengers, corporate accounts, travel agencies and more.

  • Provide unique pay on account profiles for corporate clients and wholesalers
  • Accept cash, credit, vouchers and loyalty points from passengers
  • Create your own custom payments that suit your clientele

Security and Privacy

Betterez adheres to security and privacy best practices in partnership with AWS and 3rd party Security Consultants.

  • Betterez is PCI certified, and is certified under the US Privacy Trust program for GDPR
  • Configure your Betterez environment by user roles and access privileges
  • Set up Trusted Machines for login authorization and pull in app reports on PCI compliance

External Applications

Take control of your enterprise by creating applications on top of the Betterez Platform

  • Generate private and public keys for each application to ensure security
  • Create settings in JSON for an external application to consume
  • Create applications and integrations for Finance, Marketing, Sales, Hardware, Consumer Apps, and much more

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Leverage the betterez platform to integrate to external partners in your geography.

  • Leverage Betterez APIs and webhooks to embed taxi or ride share offerings into your booking flow or into post booking communications
  • Sell partner inventory and track sales by partner for reconciliation and cash clearing
  • Plan and sell intermodal trips within the Betterez platform
  • Access distribution partners in your area to provide relevant offers to your customer
  • Leverage Betterez for all the functional and technological blocks you need to create the best connected mobility solution

Integration feeds

  • Publish real time data feeds securely to a URL; available for ALL Betterez content.
  • Finance feeds - Integrate to your finance system of choice; get P&L entries, invoice partners, bill agencies, and more.
  • CRM feeds - Send your CRM system customer metrics on frequency, recency, and monetary value of each customer.
  • eMarketing feeds - Send travel and purchase data to enable workflows and targeted communications with your customers.
  • Payment feeds - Combine payment feeds and Betterez APIs to enable worfklows and payment integrations to other reservation systems, other industries, payment terminals, selling partners, and more.

Migration Tools

  • Work with Betterez to securly move data to and from your account.
  • Automatically bring in schedules, stations, routes, tickets, prices, and more.
  • Reduce your data migration project cost and risks.
  • Designed for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration.
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