Sustainable New Transportation System Launches with a Fleet of Teslas

A sustainable transportation system

In a world where vehicle emissions make up 40% of greenhouse gasses, we need to act now to create a more sustainable future. Wroute, a Waterloo based start-up is doing just that. On September 22, they will launch an innovative new system to help people travel between Waterloo and Guelph, creating a unique and forward-looking travel experience. “Wroute is here to make being a passenger the right choice more often,” says CEO, Jason Hammond.

Launching with a fleet of Tesla vehicles

Rather than hitting the road with a standard car or minivan, they’re breaking ground with a fleet of Tesla Model X 100Ds. You’ll have the chance to experience one of the safest passenger vehicles in the world. They also offer nice perks like heated seats, onboard WI-Fi and enormous windows. There’s room for you to store your luggage too. You can even bring your pet if you choose to do so! This sets the stage for an enjoyable and comfortable journey – often an experience many of us yearn for when taking transit. Carrying up to 6 passengers and two bikes, Wroute scheduled trips depart every 15 minutes.


Bookings made simple

You can easily purchase tickets through their mobile-friendly booking system, powered by Betterez. Prices are set at $40, roundtrip, with over 1000 trip options to choose from each week. They have created pick-up and drop-off points at key locations in both Waterloo and Guelph. Both transit hubs are accessible by either GO Train, VIA, light rail, local transit busses and car. “Wroute’s approach to transportation is incredibly thoughtful and forward looking,” says Tal Shalit, CEO of Betterez. “They offer a flexible and comfortable travel option while promoting a meaningful and more sustainable mode of transit.”

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Betterez has promised and delivered. YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) has tried several other online reservations systems for its complex schedules and fares. No other company has been able to deliver the services needed. Betterez was a smart choice for YARTS and has helped us in our effort to go green and make the visitor experience to Yosemite that much more magical. With hassle free reservations and an amazing support staff, YARTS is proud to recommend and partner with Betterez Inc.


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