Reservations and Ticketing Management Company Betterez is defining the RTM space

We are

  • The world’s most flexible reservations and ticketing management platform.
  • An ambitious company, enabling innovation for small, medium and large enterprises with ANY booking needs.
  • Defining and making a difference in the RTM space.

We make

  • Awesome, cloud-based software for the reservations and ticketing management (RTM) space.
  • Software that simplifies enterprise workflow interactions across employees, customers, partners, and agents.
  • Reusable technical models that can benefit and offer fresh ideas to multiple industries/verticals.

We make it for

  • Any business that deals with reservations or tickets.
  • Businesses seeking to extend or enhance their current offerings while reducing legacy dependencies.
  • Companies interested in changing the status quo by taking an iterative approach to simplifying their sales and operations while leveraging a technology platform that grows with them.

Why we do it

  • We believe most solutions in the market are either too rigid, too inefficient, or too old and risky.
  • We believe Reservations and Ticketing ideas and experiments should be leveraged across multiple industries – similar to how customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are cross vertical.
  • We believe reservations and ticketing companies require an iterative and flexible platform that can adapt to handle any business process and changing enterprise landscape.
  • Our platform and team enable you to get there better and faster!


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